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Project Grant Awards • Virgin Islands Humanities Council - Promoting Cultural Awareness Through The Humanities

Project Grant Awards

Major and Mini Grant Awards (2006 - 2007)

Project Title Project Description Funding
Wha Yo Say? Yo' Want to be a Virgin islander Eh? In this five-week project (4 hours per session), educational professionals and other interested community participants learned about Virgin Islands history and culture through interactive sessions with Virgin Islands culture bearers. Each week, participants were asked to complete a project based on the instruction and interaction of that week. $10,000.00
St. Croix Quelbe Festival The Gladys Abraham Elementary School Intermediate Choir performed for the first time on the island of St. Croix and participated in a Quelbe Festival. The Choir performed Virgin Islands folk songs from their first CD recording entitled "Folk Music of the Virgin Islands". $750.00
Liberated Minds This documentary will explore 4 categories (education, media, law, and religion) and how they have been used over time to bring about the condition of mental slavery that exists today among African descendants. This media production will be filmed in the VI, Denmark, Ghana, and the US. $10,000.00
Taino Culture and Mythology Art Program In recognition of VI-PR Friendship Day, Puerto Rican artist (Arroyo Rivas) led two public discussions on the mythology and culture of the Taino people. $3,500.00

Major and Mini Grant Awards (2005 - 2006)

Project Title Project Description Funding
Virtual Preservation of Colonial Structures The Friends of the V.I. National Park in conjunction with the V.I. National Park and the University of Maine have designed a virtual preservation project to capture the construction, images, topography, and location of a water-drawing windmill on Leinster Bay, St. John. The workshop includes training and demonstrations of the virtual software programs. $9,997.00
Transfer Transfer is a interactive exhibit and panel discussion centering on three themes of history identity and migration. The exhibit will include images of persons immigrating from the Virgin islands circa 1917. $3,500.00
We are Culture Bearers Too! Youth Preserving Traditional Games This is a media production by the Charles H. Emanuel Production Team. The student are documenting the traditional Virgin Islands games by videotaping culture bearers demonstrations and becoming culture bearers themselves by teaching other students. $3,497.46
V.I. Storm: They Will Blow You Away This is a cultural performance that will involve the arts as well as the humanities. There will be singing, dancing and visual arts including posters of images inspired by cultural persons or events. $500.00
Connecting Caribbean Place Names This is a teacher incentive grant for the advance placement Art studio class to travel to Puerto Rico and investigate "Santeros" - the small wooden religious statues named after various saints. The AP Arts students will present their findings in conjunction with the AP History, English and Spanish Classes. $750.00
Quelbe Traveling Exhibit and Colloquium at Montessori The Montessori School features the Quelbe Exhibit along with two culture bearers: Glenn "Kwabena" Davis and Eldrige Thomas before the entire student body to talk about and demonstrate Quelbe music. $200.00
Passing On The Torch Quadrille Workshop The quadrille workshop will focus on teaching foster-care children the history and steps of quadrille. Both foster care parents & the general public is invited to attend. $3,500.00
"Danish Artist Hugo Larsen's Cultural Portrait of Our Islands 1904-1907" This educational video project is base on the life and impressionist renderings of Hugo Larsen while he lived in the Virgin Islands. The community will learn about Hugo Larsen and the Virgin Islands during 1904-1907, through illustrations that capture an average day in the life of the local population. $10,000.00
"Dollar Fe Dollar Cultural and Historic Tour" The project retraces the historical sites affiliated with the Coal Workers Strike during which the coal carriers, led by Queen Coziah, shut down refueling operations in the St. Thomas harbor long enough to achieve their goal of being paid a higher and stable rate of currency. $3,500.00
"Who Am I" This tour takes 15 - 2nd grade students to approximately 4 historical sites in Charlotte Amalie. $750.00
"Becoming American Bookshelf @ Your Library" This project involves several high school bookclubs conducting booktalks with junior high and elementary school students. The 15 books that will be read and dicussed are from the WTP bookshelf. $3,500.00
"Tumando Cana…Raising Cane" This interactive exhibit showcases 6 Crucian and Puerto Rican artists who have submitted a work of art on the themes of migration and specifically Raising Cane. This project includes a panel discussion and artists' lectures. $3,500.00

Major and Mini Grant Awards (2004 - 2005)

Project Title Project Description Funding
Legacies of Upstreet A publication grant which chronicles the lives and social order of St. Thomas, specifically the "Upstreet" neighborhood or Kongens Quarter, by documenting families, traditions and cultural events. $12,441.00
("Legacies" 2003-04 funding) - $9,441.00
Jamesie: King of Scratch A media project, a documentary about the life and music of Jamesie Brewster, a world reknown Quelbe musician and cultural icon. $2,225.00
Mock Achaeological Dig An innovative project and interactive educational approach to archaeology. Through a very hands-on process, 5th & 6th grade students will create, 'discover', and document their findings. $3,869.15
Cultural Traditions of the V.I.: Disseminating & Educating A 4-part summit which chronicles our musical culture and social traditions in order to increase awareness among Virgin Islanders, particularly teachers, through culture bearer recognition and teacher workshops. $4,650.00
Market Women & Sunday Market Square A lecture which is one of the celebrations scheduled for the Christiansted Market Square revitalization. The accompanying exhibit is housed at Fort Frederik on St. Croix. $3,500.00
Socio-cultural Changes in the Past 100 Years in the V.I. As Seen Through the Humanities A resubmittal of the Mrs. Eulalie Rivera media project with its focus on her community service and life as a suffragette. $2,000.00
Storytelling and Bookmaking Workshop A workshop that intends to promote literacy and creativity, by facilitating the creation of a storyline and book for and by elementary aged children. It also trains teachers and other volunteers on how to under take the workshop for other groups in the community. $3,500.00
Traveling Quelbe Exhibit and Colloquium A quelbe traveling exhibit which brings quelbe to the community as an art form, & musical tradition of the Virgin Islands. The scholarly panel discussion calls attention to historical and critical aspects of this music form as well as ehibiting musical artifacts. $10,000.00
Folk Music of the Virgin Islands A quelbe workshop for students with Mr. Jamesie Brewster and the All Star Band and Mrs. Joyce LaMotta, one of the authories on the music preservation in the V.I. These students will culminate the workshop with a recording of 8 folk songs of the Virgin Islands. $2,500.00
"We Are Culture Bearers Too! Youth Preserving Traditional Games" The preproduction media project with a student production team prepares for the videotaping and editiong of demonstrations and oral histories of traditional V.I. games. $3,302.20
Caribbean Museum Center for the Arts. Inc. Professor Siuko Garcia conducts a lecture examining how Puerto Rican art reflects ties to taino, European, and African Heritage. The lecture shows commonalities bewteen P.R. & V.I. Arts; An exhibit of authentic folk art is a part of this exhibit. $1,676.00