How Much Are Tree Removal Services?

July 7, 2022


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Tree removal is one of the most uniform services in terms of pricing, with a core set of features determining the key pricing drivers, including location like Kennett Square.

1. Tree Location

The tree’s location will affect the price for various reasons, including potential damage to surrounding property when cut down. If there is a risk that it will hit your home or any other buildings, extra precautions, such as using cranes, will need to be taken. Another factor that could affect the price is if the tree is close to and tangled in a powerline or other utility lines or if it threatens the utility lines while being removed.

Also the geographical location matters…like Kennett Square is a wealthier area so generally Kennett Square tree removal will be more expensive.

2. Condition of the Trees

You may need to pay extra money if the tree is large and vigorous, and the job will be easier and less expensive if it is dead, decaying, or rotting. If you are not offered a decent charge, make it a point to emphasize that the tree is relatively weak.

3. Height of Tree

Additional components are required when cutting down a thicker trunk. As a result, removing a shorter, heavier tree may take longer and be more expensive than removing a taller, thinner tree. A tree trunk’s diameter is commonly measured at chest height (4.5 feet above ground) and rounded to the nearest half-inch.

How Much Does It Cost to Cut Down a Tree?

The average cost to remove a tree ranges from 355dolllars to 1,110 dollars, with the price determined by the height of the tree and the task’s difficulty. The wide range of work and prices is related to the unknown elements of the tree’s condition and how it will react if cut down.

Cost of Tree Removal Per Tree

Tree removal costs an average of 700 dollars per tree. The tree removal cost is calculated per foot, with average prices ranging from 12 to 13 dollars.

Cost of Small Tree Removal

A little tree up to 30 feet tall may usually be removed for 100 to 300 dollars. Small trees will be the easiest and cheapest to remove; removing the tree should only require one person. Small trees include Hawthorn, Ornamental Pear, Silver birch, and Apple.

Cost Of Removing a Medium-Sized Tree

Removing a medium-sized tree 30 to 60 feet tall will cost between 300 and 700 dollars. Examples of medium trees comprise Elm, Maple, Linden, and Hornbeam.

Large Tree Removal Cost

A huge tree can grow over 80 feet tall and cost between 1,100 and 1,800 dollars to remove. A specialist will add more team members as the tree’s height climbs, with some giant trees requiring four persons on-site to complete the procedure. Examples of large trees are Pine and Tulip.

Cost of Removing a Fallen Tree

Removal of a fallen or dead tree typically costs between 100 and 600 dollars, about one-third the cost of removing a standing tree. Because the safety of the workers and the structures on the construction site is less paramount, removing a fallen tree is usually less expensive than removing a standing tree. Depending on a significant amount of effort, several branches, lengths and diameters are still required.

Additional Cost Elements of a Tree

1. Soil Condition

If the tree is on a very rocky, muddy hill and is in danger of falling, removal will be more expensive.

2. The angle of the tree

It is always tough to cut down an inclined tree. If structures are nearby and roots are visible on the opposite side of the lean, the lean must be removed with utmost caution.

3. Being outside of the service area of the Tree Specialist

Depending on how rural your location is or the distance the contractor must go, you should expect to pay 50 to 100 dollars or more in most cases, depending on the type of equipment they must carry, and
on the size of the crew.

4. Several Trunks

The stress and pressure placed on each trunk may cause issues and will most likely necessitate special accommodations throughout the removal process to ensure safe removal.

5. Tree Removal in an Emergency

If a tree is damaged and immediate action is required to protect the property and its residents, you should expect to pay a premium to accelerate the restoration. Before paying for emergency tree removal services, check with your insurance company to see if the task is covered under your coverage.

6. A Tree’s Death and Decay

An arborist can use a Resistograph test to determine how far the tree has degraded. The health of the tree’s trunk will be classified as hollow, rotten, or solid. This testing could be an extra line item in your project cost of 100 to 200 dollars for one tree and 45 to 65 dollars for each tree after that.