September 1, 2021


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We’ve all heard about the trends in organic food and healthy eating. In recent years, it has become more popular to focus on where your food has been sourced from and if it has been sprayed with chemicals. However, this trend has been largely for people and not so much for pets. As people become more aware of their pets’ health, they are making moves to popularize healthy pet foods. Here are five major reasons why it’s important to feed your dog healthy foods.

#5: Digestive System Health

It is important that your dog stay healthy. This means that he has to eat healthy foods. Eating healthy foods can contribute to digestive health. Healthy foods move through the body quicker and allow for more nutrients to be absorbed in the digestive system. If your dog has any issues with using the restroom, he will no longer have them if you switch his diet to healthy foods.

Healthy foods contribute to digestive health because they help promote healthy bacteria in the gut. When you eat overly processed foods on a regular basis, you help to destroy the bacterial balance that is necessary for health in the gut. When you choose to feed your dog healthy food instead of unhealthy food, you actually contribute to that healthy balance of bacteria in the gut. It is this balance of bacteria that makes it possible for your dog to absorb nutrients from his food, rather than just taking in food and excreting it. Feeding your dog healthy food will keep his digestion cycle regular.

#4: Better Mood

Your dog will be in a better mood if you feed him healthy food. This is because healthy food does not pain the stomach and it gives you heightened energy. Choosing to feed your dog healthy dog food, such as eggs and meats, will make him happier. If you choose to feed your dog a bagged dry food that is healthier than standard dog food, you will find that he has more energy than he did before.

This is because healthy dog food has better nutrients than conventional alternatives. More often than not, healthy dog foods are made from a grade of meat that is higher than dog foods that are conventional. This means that the animals from whom the meat were made of were less likely to be injected with hormones, were more likely to be kept in sanitary living quarters and generally were able to live a better life than the animals from whom conventional food is made.

#3: Nutrient Absorption

One of the major reasons why you should feed your dog healthy food is because he will be able to absorb the nutrients of the food easier. Healthy dog foods contain more nutrients, because they are made from animals who have eaten healthier foods and who have been kept in more sanitary conditions. When you choose to feed your dog grated vegetables, such as carrots, you can also add to his fiber intake. Adding to fiber intake makes it so that the dog can digest the food more easily and pass it through in an inappropriate amount of time.

Healthy food contains more nutrients because it is not sprayed with chemicals and it is not injected with hormones. This makes it so that your dog is able to absorb the nutrients that are present in the naturally farmed food. He will be able to absorb more vitamin C, more vitamin A and more vitamin D.

#2: Veggies

Don’t get us wrong, dogs are not vegetarians. However, adding fresh vegetables to their food can help to improve their diet. You can grate up vegetables like carrots and put them on top of the food that you are feeding your dog. This helps to add to the fiber in his diet and regulate his digestion.

You should make sure to get vegetables that are organic, meaning that they are not sprayed with toxic chemicals. You should also check to make sure that it is a vegetable that your dog can consume, as many dogs cannot consume certain vegetables. For example, you should never ever feed your dog onions. They cannot digest it and you would be lucky if your dog lived to tell the tale of eating an onion. Onions will kill your dog if he eats any, so keep onions as far away from your dog as possible.

#1: Home Cooked

Most people buy their dog food in bags of dry food, and it is perfectly possible to buy from a brand that produces healthy dog food. We encourage you to buy from brands that use meats that are grown in humane conditions. However, we also encourage you to make your dog a weekly homemade meal. This means giving him cooked cuts of meat that you have bought from the grocery store, as well as a cooked egg and some grated carrots on top.